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I began drawing when I was in my fourth year of school. I graduated from an art school, then from university. Then, I had a job where I drew prints and embroidery. I also worked an as illustrator for magazines.

I draw a lot with my iPad in Procreate. However, the built in brushes were not what I needed, so I started making my own business to fit those needs. I felt that my brushes looked really good and could benefit any professional work – so I thought it should be shared with everyone! I began releasing my brushes and offering them for sale.

“Procreate texture brushes. GRASS SET” 

I love brushes textures. They work well for both adding texture and shadow. For example, the texture of sand or jeans could work nicely.

I have a set of geometric brushes – these brushes will easily and simply create an aesthetic in a couple of minutes.

Sometimes, those who make brushes don’t take into account the quality of the source material. This makes them less versatile, so it’s something I like to take into account.

Creating a great brush is fun but challenging, and takes a lot of time.

If you want to make your own brushes, look for the highest quality material. Don’t hesitate to experiment, and you won’t be disappointed with the result. I would encourage those looking to develop brushes to also learn how to create patterns from elements to create continuous, professional brushes.
Thank you! Here’s to creating wonderful things.